Over the years we have built our collections using the finest materials available in the local communities where we operate.

New Teak

New teak, otherwise known as plantation teak, came under criticism in the 90’s due to illegal logging and subsequent impact the activity had on deforestation. Since then, there has been an enormous amount of energy and conservation efforts placed onto this species of tree in Indonesia in order to restore a balance of environmentally friendly action. We are proud to say that all our teak is from FSC certified sources giving the consumer peace of mind that this particular teak originates from only responsibly managed sources. We are also able to apply a number of finishes and coatings to our teak to give it a range of alluring looks and feels.

Synthetic Rattan

Synthetic Rattan has grown in popularity for its charming appeal and superb resistance to the elements. Weaving of rattan is a specialism of Vietnam who lead the market in being able to weave to the highest possible quality and tension. All BackYard's synthetic rattan is woven in Vietnam to ensure that the weaving quality and care for the workers can always be maintained to the highest level. All synthetic rattan from BackYard is formulated using virgin material and the very best UV stabilising compounds for long life and colour fastness.


Aluminium is an ideal material for outdoor as it is impervious to rust as well as being light and strong. Another wonderful feature is that aluminium can be painted in an array of colours to keep in step with the latest styles and trends. Our aluminium products are designed and tested in-house in our very own product development workshop to ensure that all constructions are sturdy and strong enough to live up to the rigours of outdoor life. A global trend on the rise has seen aluminium combined with other materials such as recycled teak, new teak and artificial rattan with surprising and truly inspiring results.


At BackYard we are one of the few manufacturers that produce their own cushions, the advantage being that cushion firmness and overall comfort can be tailored to the specific market which it is intended. Most of our cushions use a colour-fast, spun-polyester with UV stabiliser.